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Academic Event Recording in the Central Pool Classrooms

Classroom lecture recording systems are now available in twelve Central Pool classrooms as part of a pilot project to evaluate the technology and its use. This capability is currently available in:

Instructors may request recording services for any class or event conducted in these classrooms, provided that the class/event is specifically tied to an academic course. Requests for non-course-related events will not be honored during the pilot project.

  • A scheduling request for the desired classroom, date(s), and time must be submitted to and approved by the Registrar's Office before submitting a request for recording services. Requests for use of a Central Pool classrooms for an academic event should be submitted using the Academic Event Scheduling Form.

  • Classes/events recorded in most of the Central Pool classrooms consist of audio — e.g., microphone, computer audio, Blu-ray™/DVD audio — and any images displayed by the primary projector in the classroom. Recording of activities via a camera is also available in Graduate Education Building 200 and Graduate Education Building 203.

  • Each classroom is equipped with an annotation device that allows instructors to use a touchscreen to electronically highlight or otherwise illustrate the images that are displayed on the primary projector. Any annotation to the projected images during a recorded class/event will also appear on the processed recording. Contact the classroom's local support provider for more information about the use of the annotator.

  • To request recording services for one or more course-related events, please complete the Academic Event Recording Scheduling Form. Please note that up to two (2) business days may be required to complete your request.

  • There may be times when instructors are required to cancel a class recording due to a cancellation of the class, a scheduled mid-term, or some other issue. Requests for changes to and/or deletions from a previously requested recording schedule should be directed to Classroom Technology Services at .

  • Please note that the recording times will strictly adhere to the start time and duration that you provide on the request form. Any content discussed prior to or after a recording session will not be captured.

  • Before recording classes, we recommend that you review our classroom recording best practices overview.

Questions regarding classroom recording may be directed to Classroom Technology Services at .


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