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SAIL Classroom Request Form for Central Pool, Arts & Sciences, and Penn Libraries Classrooms

Requests placed through this form do not guarantee a room assignment. The Office of the University Registrar will review all requests and process scheduling assignments.

Use this form only if you are requesting a SAIL classroom for a full term course reservation. Any other requests for SAIL rooms, including for individual class meetings should be submitted using the Academic Event Request form.

Only members of the Office of the University Registrar can provide official confirmation of room assignments.


Please review these scheduling guidelines carefully prior to submitting your request:

  1. Only scheduling coordinators may request an active learning classroom on behalf of instructors.

  2. Access to these special classrooms is prioritized for instructors who can demonstrate a well-developed active learning strategy for their class.

  3. We will need to ask your cooperation in adjusting schedules, if necessary, in order to accommodate as many classes as possible.

  4. Room assignments for full semester courses are made according to the following schedule:
  5. Term Requests Due Assignments Finalized
  6. Late requests will be accommodated as availability allows.


Forms submitted will be reviewed in consultation with staff in the following areas:


Upon submission of this form, you will receive an automaticly generated email to confirm receipt.



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