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Central Pool Classroom Search

This search identifies Central Pool classrooms that meet the selected criteria and does not indicate availability. For more information about scheduling Central Pool classrooms, visit our Scheduling Classrooms page.

Select any of the criteria listed below and click the Start search button at the end of the form.

Classroom Location and Layout:

Classroom Layout:
Number of Seats:

Technology Preferences:

projection/display for installed AV components
projection/display for auxiliary AV components
computer w/ Windows™
computer w/ Macintosh OS
laptop computer input
DVD player
region-free DVD player
Blu-ray™ player
document camera
overhead projector
CD player
PennNet access
Penn Video Network and tuner
electrical outlets at student seats
installed assistive listening
adjustable height instructor's table
projection screen
dual projection screens
wide screen projection/display
wireless microphone
podium microphone
additional microphone inputs
single 35mm slide projector
dual 35mm slide projectors
single deck cassette player
dual deck cassette player
wireless Internet access
projection annotation
classroom recording


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