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Provost's Central Pool Classrooms

The Central Pool Classroom system comprises 195 classrooms in 29 buildings throughout Penn's campus. The Pool classrooms are primarily used for regular undergraduate and graduate classes, although a large number of academic special events, student activities, and conferences and community groups also use the facilities. For a complete list of the buildings and classrooms in the Central Pool, visit the Local Support Information page of the Classroom Technology Services web site.

The scheduling, operation, maintenance, and improvement of these classrooms is a collaborative effort involving:

Office of the Provost provides funding
Provost's Classroom Facilities Review Committee provides direction and sets priorities
Provost Administrative Affairs Facilities oversees renovation efforts and manages day-to-day maintenance
Facilities and Real Estate Services provides project management services for renovation efforts
Office of the University Registrar manages scheduling of academic events
Perelman Quadrangle Office manages scheduling of special events
Classroom Technology Services oversees the installation and maintenance of technology and provides second-tier technology support
local support providers in the schools provide front-line technology and operations assistance

Classrooms for courses, final exams, and academic events are scheduled through the University Registrarís office. Scheduling for courses is based on the meeting block schedule with courses conforming to the block given priority. Priority is also given to departments teaching classes within their home building. Pool classrooms are available for any class offered at the University, regardless of the school by which it is offered.

Perelman Quad schedules all student activities, events sponsored by Conference Services, and events for non-Penn groups.